Over 50 years of experience  in port and airport logistics, and infrastructure.

Andino Inversiones Global S.A. (Andino Global) is a company incorporated in Spain

Andino Global is focused on the growth of the airport infrastructure and airport and maritime logistics services sector, strategically incorporating sustainability into all its operations. By integrating triple impact management: environmental, social and governance, it ensures the highest standards of service and respect for the environment and the community.

Airport Infrastructure and Services

Andino Global, through its companies, is engaged in the operation, design, construction, improvement, conservation and operation of airports. Andino also provides services such as aircraft ground support, cargo storage terminal, fixed base operator, among others. The geographical area where it operates is Latin America and Spain.

Logistics Real Estate

Andino logistics real estate, includes development and construction, purchase and sale, and leasing and administration of real estate.


Andino Global provides integrated logistics solutions to the aviation, maritime and fluvial sectors, including customs agency services, international freight transportation services, handling and storage, as well as highly complex logistics services. Andino Global also provides shipping agency services, ship representation, terminal operations, stowage and unstowage, pilotage and towage.

Financial Services

The financial business is specially important for the Group. Andino has developed an expertise in financing companies in the foreign trade sector. This allows generating synergies between financing and its logistics operations through the financing of the import or export process, together with the logistics activity. Andino Global structures both short and medium term facilities, as well as the issuance of warrants and certificates of deposit, factoring, leasing, amongst others.